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Welcome to our new and improved site!

We've updated the look and feel of our website to [try] and bring the beauty of the St. Johns River to you online. Look around and if you'd like, you can book a tour through our easy to use booking system. Or, if you want more information, please contact us for more details.

St. John's River Eco Tours operates the most eco-friendly sightseeing boat cruise on the St. Johns River.  We operate from the Highbanks Marina & Camp Resort in Debary, Florida.  We offer several boat tours daily, exploring the river, observing the wild life, and experiencing a section of the St. Johns that is little changed from the days when early explorers visited these enchanting waters.  

Conveniently located approximately 40 minutes from Daytona and Orlando, our boat tours are a refreshing change from the usual tourist paths.  So whether you're a birdwatcher, a fan of alligators or manatees, a nature photographer, or are just looking for something a little different, our St. Johns river boat tours may be just what you are looking for. 




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